With the experience gained through the implementation of projects under the NSRF, HPPC’s main objective during the programming period 2014-2020, was to generate income and employment based on a principle of sustainable development and through innovative methods that would contribute to improved efficiency, outcomes and the quality of Greece’s productive output.

More specifically, in the context of the programming period 2014-2020 the company seeks:

  • To continue its plan of modernizing tourist-cultural facilities that belong to its portfolio. The goal for the new period is not only to create additional facilities, but also to improve, better utilize and operate existing facilities in an efficient, results-oriented and environmentally friendly manner. The aim is to take initiatives that enhance the attractiveness and quality of the services provided at the company’s tourism facilities, with a particular emphasis on thermal springs, cultural sites (monuments – museums) and eco-tourism parks in order to make them more accessible to the broader public.
  • To develop new, sustainable business activities, particularly in the field of renewable energy and rural development, where the company is seeking to create of a property portfolio based on geographical areas and by industrial sector.
  • To provide special emphasis and state support for the promotion of private investment in tourism, culture, renewable energy resources, rural development and urban regeneration with the goal of developing a new type of entrepreneurship.
  • To protect the environment and promote the efficient use of natural resources. In the context of sustainable development, the objectives of the company are focused on the protection and promotion of the natural and urban environment, improving energy efficiency at its facilities, and promoting low environmental impact projects.
  • To manage the transition to a low-carbon economy.
  • To adapt to the challenge of climate change, and the protection and management of water resources.
  • To further adopt the use of information technology in order to align the company's activities and services with the new digital age and the information society. This includes completing the digitization of spatial data and the cadaster, and enhancing access by the public and interested parties to the company's online real estate portfolio.
  • To improve the administrative capacity of HPPC to meet the increased demands of efficient and results-oriented reorganization of its operations, both at its central offices and in its regional offices.
  • To strengthen research, technological development and innovation.
  • To promote social inclusion and combat poverty.

Specific company projects include:

Project: Modernization of Lifts at Parnassos Ski Center (Phase II)

Project Data: Project Code / ΜΙS: 5003658, as a phasing project under the Operational Program “Competitiveness, Entrepreneurship and Innovation 2014-2020”, in the priority area: Developing support mechanisms for entrepreneurship (Central Greece, South Aegean) with the Special Managing Authority Decision 7904/2638/Α2/20.12.2016 (Online project reference number: ΨΞΛΗ4653Ο7-ΥΦΡ). Financing is provided by the Public Investment Program and the European Regional Development Fund under the NSRF 2014-2020 (Project code: ΣΑΕ 2016ΣΕ11110006).

Brief Description: Carrying out of supplemental works under the project parameters set forth in the project Modernization of Lifts at Parnassos Ski Center (Phase I) implemented during the 2009-2013 programming period.

Completion of the operational integration of the tourist infrastructures in the areas Kellaria and Fterolaka of the Parnassos Ski Center, through new lifts for visitors and upgrading of the power supply system.

Project: Restoration and Enhancement of the Caves and Building Facilities of Diros, Prefecture of Laconia (Phase II)
ΑProject Approval Number: 2470/769/Α3

Project Data: Project Code: / ΜΙS Code: 5009727 for the project Restoration and Enhancement of the Caves and Building Facilities of Diros, Prefecture of Laconia – Phase II.
The Diros Caves project is being implemented in cooperation with the Ministry of Culture and Sports, which is responsible for managing the site, and the Ministry of Tourism, as the state entity for the funding of the project and co-beneficiary of the financing program.
The three agencies have concluded the necessary memoranda of cooperation for the project.
Beneficiary Code: 40409040
The project is co-funded by the European Regional Development Fund
Project Start Date: 01.01.2018
Project Completion Date: 31.12.2020

Brief Description: The Diros Caves complex is located 5 kilometers north of the Municipality of Pyrgos Dirou, 83 kilometers southeast of Sparta. The complex consists of the caves of Alepotrypa and Vlychada, as well as a museum, shop, café and related facilities.
Only the Vlychada Cave, which is partly submerged by a subterranean lake, can be visited and can only be accessed by boat.
The project includes:

  • The restoration and enhancement of the Alepotrypa and Vlychada Caves
  • The modernization of the Diros Caves buildings
  • The improvement of on-site services
  • The upgrading of the existing facilities and the area surrounding the two caves as monuments of cultural, historical, and archaeological interest
  • The demolition of the existing museum and the construction of a new building, which will house the Mani Caves Prehistory Museum

Total eligible public expenditure: 8.499.933,91€.  



Project: Ecotourism park of Fanari, Rodopi. Modernization of basic infrastructure and development of new tourism facilities
Project Approval Number: 812/22.05.2018

Project Data:
MIS Code: 5003196 under the Operational Program Eastern Macedonia - Thrace 2014-2020
Beneficiary Code: 40409040
The project is co-funded by the European Regional Development Fund.
Project Start Date: 11/01/2019
Project Completion Date: 11/08/2020
Brief Description: The project concerns the environmental protection – enhancement and management of a 16,900 square meters area owned by the Greek National Tourism Organization (GNTO) and being administered by HPPC near the village of Fanari in the Municipality of Komotini, Rodopi Prefecture. The properties fall within zones C1 and B3 of the National Park of East Macedonia-Thrace and the “wetlands of the Nestos Delta and Lake Vistionida, lagoons and lakes characteristic of Lake Ismarida and wider region” protected area, as defined by the joint ministerial decision ΚΥΑ 44549 (Government gazette: 497/Δ/17.10.2008). The area is adjacent to the Xirolimni Lagoon and the village of Fanari and is included in the Natura GR1130009 Lakes and Lagoons of Thrace - Wider Region and Coastal Zone protected area.

In accordance with environmental and operational criteria, the project foresees low environmental impact activities and facilities that include:

  • Restoration of abandoned buildings and GNTO visitor services facilities
  • Development of eco-tourism activities, creating a unified and public access ecotourism park of local character so as to avoid unlawful encroachment of public property

The project includes:
Construction of facilities and infrastructure that will support the operation of the ecotourism park and are organized in two functional areas including:

  • Café and food preparation area of 44.13 square meters
  • Outdoor sports facilities covering an area of approximately 6,000 square meters
  • Roadside plantings along the provincial access road
  • Restoration, operational upgrading, and reuse of the existing building complex for the staff and bathing facilities of 918 square meters
  • Reception area, environmental information and orientation center measuring 130.99 square meters
  • Medium voltage substation and machine room for electrification of the park facilities
  • Landscaping of the grounds around the reception center covering an area of 3,032 square meters
  • Parking space for 30 passenger vehicles
  • Children’s play area – playground
  • Layout and construction of sightseeing and thematic routes for visitors wishing to acquaint themselves with the natural environment of the area (construction of a pedestrian walkway of approximately 1,055 meters)
  • Various works for the protection, improvement and enrichment of the local flora
  • Construction of four special access paths to the sea for persons with disabilities
  • Water, irrigation, sewage and electricity networks
  • Signage with information about the wetlands and the natural environment
    Total eligible public expenditure: 2.359.950,25 €.

Project: Modernization of existing facilities and infrastructure in the Lake Kaiafas area
Project Approval Number: 124/39/Α3 / 11.01.2018Project Data:
MIS Code: 5007967 under the Operational Program “Competitiveness, Entrepreneurship and Innovation 2014-2020”.
Beneficiary Code: 40409040
The project is co-funded by the European Regional Development Fund.
The Lake Kaiafas project is being implemented in cooperation with the Ministry of Culture and Sports, which is responsible for managing the site and is co-beneficiary of the project, and the Ministry of Tourism, as the state entity funding the project.
Project Start Date: 01/01/2017
Project Completion Date: 29/12/2021

Brief Description: The Kaiafas Thermal Spa complex in Ilia includes thermal springs and service facilities situated in a natural environment of high ecological and aesthetic value with rare biodiversity extending down to the adjacent seafront. The complex consists of Lake Kaiafas with its shores, the island in the lake, and the seashore area. The property is part of the European Natura 2000 Network special protected area: Dunes and Seaside Forest of Zacharo, Lake Kaiafas, Strofilia, Kakovatos (reference code: 2330005).
The total area of the Kaiafas Thermal Spa property covers 6,139,000 square meters and belongs to the Greek National Tourism Organization, except the seashore area and the lake – designated as a lagoon – which are under the administration and management of the GNTO and currently HPPC.

The project covers an area of 120,870 square meters.

The project includes:

  • The portion of the existing buildings that have been legalized under the act certifying the legality of the tourism facilities at the Kaiafas Thermal Spa (reference number: 508131/29.01.2002)
  • Modernization of infrastructure
  • Various works of environmental protection, environmental education and awareness, as well as the restoration of degraded areas as described in the environmental impact study.

The project aims to establish a prototype ecotourism model for the region, which will result from implementing a mix of integrated initiatives:

  • Modernization of existing facilities
  • Rehabilitation of the natural environment
  • Creation of an eco-park for environmental awareness and alternative tourism
  • Use of innovative methods to promote eco-development
  • Ensuring the economic viability of the project and protection of the natural environment

Total eligible public expenditure: 4.999.725,00€.