HPPC Portfolio

HPPC manages a large and diverse portfolio of properties across Greece. The portfolio was created by the merger of Greek Tourism Properties S.A., Olympic Properties S.A., Public Real Estate Company S.A. and Attica Coastal Front S.A.

HPPC’s property portfolio includes:

  • Tourism properties and facilities, such as the former Xenia hotels, marinas, camping sites, golf courses, ski centers, museums, caves, tourism kiosks (Cafés–Snack Bars), thermal springs, as well as large properties suitable for tourism development
  • Olympic Games venues
  • A large number of public properties of varied type, geographical location and potential use: ranging from leases on urban and rural properties, to lands available for the development of alternative energy resources, like geothermal fields

Where those properties are subject to legal requirements regarding common use, archeological, environmental or other matters (as per Law 4389/2016), HPPC is responsible for their administration and management, while the rest fall under the company’s ownership.


Asset Restructuring & Development

Key priority of HPPC is to create a sound portfolio and ensure the due diligence of its assets. For this purpose, HPPC has upgraded its geo-information systems with technologically advanced mapping, standardization, method analysis and troubleshooting, based on the National Cadastre, in order for the first time to obtain a comprehensive and actual picture of the assets that belong to its portfolio.

It has further deployed the TABLEAU Business Intelligence System that offers options for immediate classification, visualization and prioritization, with the goal to decrease time and maximize efficiency in the process of due diligence and exploitation of its assets.


Portfolio Management

HPPC manages a portfolio of real estate assets of significant scope and value in outstanding locations throughout Greece with unique investment opportunities and strategic advantages.

HPPC’s mission is to manage and develop its portfolio of properties, with maingoal to enhance its value for its shareholder and the Greek public.

The company develops activities in the field of real estate and property development, and it exploits its portfolio through:

  • Leases
  • Concessions
  • Sales
  • Attracting private investment

HPPC has created a dedicated portal www.e-publicrealestate.gr for organizing online auctions in a transparent and an efficient manner.

At the same time, the company employs expert and experienced personnel, enabling it to provide consulting services to other institutions and organizations.