Types of Properties
HPPC’s portfolio consists of large land-plots and real estate assets suitable for tourism, industrial or agricultural development, as well as properties, both large and small, suitable for commercial or residential use.
The portfolio also includes sports facilities, including those constructed for 2004 Athens Olympic Games.

More specifically, the portfolio of properties falls into the following categories:

Tourism properties

A significant portion of the company’s holdings consists of tourism properties. These include marinas, camping sites, hotel facilities, tourist kiosks, shorelines as well as properties of historic and cultural interest, such as the Bourtzi Castle in Nafplion harbor, the island of Spinalonga in Crete and the Diros Caves on the Mani peninsula. HPPC’s portfolio also includes thermal springs, former Xenia hotels, as well as the ski centers of Parnassos and Voras-Kaimaktsalan.


Olympic Games Venues

The company manages the facilities used as venues for the Olympic Games. The goal is to attract large-scale, international and domestic investment for their long-term management and development.
The Olympic Games facilities consist of the Olympic Tae Kwon Do Center (Faliron Olympic Indoor Hall), the Galatsi Olympic Hall, the Goudi Olympic Hall, the Schinias Olympic Rowing and Canoeing Center, the Liosion Olympic Complex, the Nikaias Olympic Complex, the Markopoulo Olympic Equestrian Center, the Markopoulo Olympic Shooting Range and the Pancretan, Panthessalian and Panpeloponnisian Stadiums.
To date, a number of the Olympic venues have been utilized, through international tenders and collaboration with local communities, supporting local communities and enhancing state revenues.

Urban, Agricultural & Other Properties

The company’s portfolio consists of commercial properties suitable for development, such as retail outlets, office space, parking facilities, and industrial and warehouse space. The portfolio also includes an abundance of large land-plots across the country suitable for agricultural development. In addition, the portfolio consists of residential assets in urban areas.