Camping Asprovalta

The organized camping Asprovalta is in an overgrown area of 250,000 sq.m., on a long sandy beach, just 2 km from the town of Asprovalta,. According to the legislation on the classification of tourist camps, Asprovalta camping falls into category 2 star category. It is included in the properties listed in Annex III and remains the property of HRADF.


The campsite is located in the Municipality of Ag. Georgios that belongs to the Municipality of Volvi, in Thessaloniki. It is about 54km from the aesthetic forests of Kavala, 2km from the wildlife refuge and 7km from the boundaries of the National Park.

In the area, there are many hotel units, rooms to rent and cottages that accommodate tourists, mainly during the summer months.


The camping facilities cover an area of 5496.31m. More specifically there are:

  • Ten (10) houses with a capacity of 40 persons
  • Fourteen (14) independent laundry buildings
  • WC
  • Entrance-reception building and management office
  • A first aid room for the treatment of guests
  • Supermarket
  • Power substation building
  • Electrical building - workshop
  • Ancillary areas (pumping station etc.)

The campground also features sports facilities, including a volleyball and basketball court, a playground and car parking spaces.


The maximum capacity of Asprovalta camping is 2,880 persons. There is a total of 710 tents or caravans for 2,840 people and 10 houses for a total of 40 people in 3-bed and 4-bed units with a wc.

The campsite serves single guests (adults and children) and 4-member families or groups (at least two adults and two children) with a tent, caravan (self-propelled or sliding) or coach. According to the statistics of the last years, from 2014 until today, a constant number of visits is recorded, averaging around 3,000 individual customers per year.

Maintenance - Upgrading projects

Since 2017, HPPC is implementing the gradual rehabilitation of the camps' sanitation facilities.

Within the property there is a waste water treatment plant, which, according to the recent implementation study, it will be upgraded in 2020 to a tertiary wastewater treatment plant, and a subterranean field will be constructed for its disposal, consisting of absorbent ditches of a total floor area of approximately 3.50 acres. At the perimeter of the subsoil and between the absorbing ditches, trees and plants will be planted, which will increase the yield of the field and ensure that waterlogging situations are avoided.