Nigrita Thermal Spa

Nigrita Thermal Spa is 4 kilometers from the village of Nigrita, 22 kilometers from the city of Serres and 70 kilometers from Thessaloniki. The hotel and the Hydrotherapy Center operate on a plot of 12,200 square meters, which is part of a larger area of land within and outside the village, owned by GNTO and under the management of HPPC.

Facilities and Services

Today the premises of the property include:

  • Hydrotherapy Center with:
    • 14 individual baths recently renovated
    • Medical office
  • Hotel complex with:
    • 20 rooms to let
    • 66 beds
    • Shared toilets

Renovation of 6 double rooms to modern 2-star hospitality standards is planned in 2019.

History of the Nigrita Thermal Spa

The spa has been in operation since 1950, under the auspices of GNTO. The thermal springs have been known since Roman times, and public baths of the Roman era have been preserved in the area.

Properties of the thermal spring water of Nigrita

The natural thermal spring of Nigrita (recognition as a therapeutic spring: Government Gazette 1114/N/19.4.2016) has a temperature of 45.6º Celsius and is characterized as moderately carbonated, hypotonic and superheated. The water contains moderate levels of sulphide, as well as bicarbonate, calcium, magnesium, quartz, potassium and fluoride. The spring of Nigrita is also known for its mineral water.

The spring water is recommended for:

  • Musculoskeletal disorders
  • Nervous system disorders
  • Skin diseases
  • Gynecological disorders

Hydrotherapy is recommended for systemic, communicable and malignant diseases, liver and kidney failure.