Thessaloniki Marina

The Thessaloniki Marina is located in the north Aegean, on the Thermaic Gulf in the Municipality of Kalamaria and specifically in the area of Krini. It is 7 kilometers from the center of Thessaloniki and 12 kilometers from the Thessaloniki International Airport. The marina occupies a land area of approximately 78,700 square meters, including piers. Aretsou Marina, also known as Thessaloniki Marina, is located within a wider area acquired by GNTO in the coastal section of Thessaloniki named as Aretsou.

The port was legally established in 1993 by Law 2160/1993. Since 2000 the marina has been under the administration and management of HPPC implementing Decision 520022 / 17.05.2000 c. of GNTO, pursuant to the provision of article 13 par. 6 of Law 2636/1998.

At present, the concession rights of the marina have been granted to the Hellenic Republic Asset Development Fund (HRADF), by decision No. 218/2012 (Government Gazette 2322/B /13.08.2012) of the Inter-Ministerial Privatization Committee.

Facilities & Services

The marina has 242 berths for boats of up to 30 meters length. Building facilities of the marina include:

Onshore facilities
  • Marina administration building
  • Coast Guard station
  • Entrance guard house
  • Substation building
  • Fire Station
  • Two small buildings and a small chapel
  • The “Remezzo” cafeteria building, transferred to the Municipality of Kalamaria
Port facilities

The marina comprises four harbor basins with a total surface area of 15,140 square meters, 20,354 square meters, 8,754 square meters and 6,762 square meters respectively. At its southern end there is another basin of 9,800 square meters for use by fishing boats.


Each berth provides:

  • Electricity supply
  • Water supply
  • Telephone connection

Car access to the marina area is controlled on a 24-hour basis and is only allowed for permit holders.

The marina has a dedicated onshore facility providing small-scale boat repair and maintenance services.