Voulagmeni Beach is located 25 kilometers from the center of Athens and is among the most beautiful locales in the prefecture of Attica. It covers an area of 7,600 square meters, including the beach front, and is a popular destination for residents of Greater Athens. The beach offers public access to all visitors and operates according to the highest environmental and business standards.

The property was acquired by the Greek National Tourism Organization (GNTO) after the purchase of approximately 50,000 square meters of land from the Organization for the Administration of Ecclesiastical Properties. The administration and management were assigned to GNTO and, later, under subsequent legislation (Law 2636/1998 and Law 2837/2000), the administration, management, and utilization of the property and business units of GNTO was assumed by Greek Tourism Properties S.A., which was merged to form the Hellenic Public Properties Company (HPPC) S.A.

Today, Vouliagmeni Beach belongs to the portfolio of HPPC and operates as one of its business units.

Facilities and services

Vouliagmeni Beach includes tree-shaded areas and green space, outdoor sports facilities, buildings and light temporary structures, a 650 meter beachfront and an outdoor parking area. Well-designed, easily walkable footpaths traverse the green space. The parking area is close to the central entrance with space for around 160 vehicles. OASA bus service allows passengers to embark/disembark next to the parking area.

The following outdoor sports facilities are located within Vouliagmeni Beach:

Athletic Facility Number Surface area (in square meters)
Basketball Courts 1 710,00
Tennis Courts 7 3.773,00
Volleyball Courts 2 785,00
TOTAL 10 5.268,00

The total area of the building structures on the Voulagmeni Beach property is about 675 square meters, and these include an administration building, changing rooms and support areas next to the Okeanida café-bar, an entrance gate, storage facilities, a machine room and a first aid clinic. The café-bar facilities cover an area of 1,108 square meters.

Vouliagmeni Beach also has lightweight prefabricated structures of around 196 square meters in area that provide exercise areas, toilet and shower facilities, changing rooms and refreshment stands to serve visitors. The beach is equipped with umbrellas, sunbeds, chairs, and safety lockers and can accommodate 3,000 to 7,000 visitors on a daily basis.

The coast is supervised by a lifeguard during hours of operation and it is equipped with facilities for guests with disabilities to access the sea, next to the central lifeguard tower.

Since 2015, Vouliagmeni Beach has been certified by the Foundation for Environmental Education as a Blue Flag beach.

Historical background

The Vouliagmeni Beach was a highly influential prototype project of the early 1960s designed by the distinguished architects P. Vassileiadis, P. Sakellariou, E. Vourekas and N.P. Hatzimichalis.

It was initially designed as a bathing complex able to serve 10,000 visitors daily, with two restaurants: the Okeanida on the west end of the beach, and the Argo on the east. The complex included four buildings with individual changing rooms, lockers, drying and ancillary areas (showers, toilets etc.) grouped into two units. In their original form, the buildings were exemplary architectural structures.

Ticket Prices

Vouliagmeni is an organized beach, with special prices for certain categories of visitors. The ticket price includes use of the following services:

  • Umbrellas, sunbeds and chairs
  • Changing rooms
  • Toilets and showers
  • Wi-Fi wireless network
  • Athletic facilitiesν
  • Access ramp for persons with disabilities

Lockers to store valuables are available for an additional fee.

Facility rental