Corporate Governance

Corporate governance consists of a system of principles and practices for the management and operation of a company that serve to protect and recognize the legal interests of all parties related to the company.

According to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), corporate governance is a set of relationships between the company’s management, the Board of Directors, the shareholders and other stakeholders. Corporate governance provides a structure through which:

  • The objectives of the company are set
  • The means of attaining those objectives are determined
  • Operational risks confronting the company are identified
  • The system for managing those risks is established
  • The performance of management in implementing all the above is monitored

Finally, the increased transparency promoted by good corporate governance also results in optimal transparency in the overall operations of private enterprises, as well as public organizations and institutions.

HPPC, as a company operating in the public interest, maintains the highest standards for corporate governance and transparency, and conforms to best-in-class accounting, auditing and compliance processes.