Mission Statement

HPPC’s mission is to manage and develop the property assets in its portfolio based on the medium-to-long term strategic goals of the Hellenic Corporation of Assets and Participations S.A. (HCAP). Through the use of innovative methods adapted to each class of property assets, HPPC prioritizes the long-term utilization of its properties to increase revenues and profits, while also implementing investments that will contribute to Greece’s regional and national development.


Strategic Plan

The strategic plan developed by HCAP for HPPC is based on four pillars:
  • The establishment of HPPC as the primary vehicle for the management of public properties and the creation of a sound portfolio capable of supporting the country’s long-term development strategy
  • The use of information technology and automation to accelerate the restructuring, development and management of the company’s portfolio
  • To increase revenues and profits through the optimal management and exploitation of the company’s properties and the rationalization of operating expenses
  • The creation of economic growth by utilizing assets that promote development and attract investments